Damen Marine Components delivers rudder and steering system Nuyina

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Damen Marine Components (DMC) has completed the supply and installation of the rudder and steering gear system of the Antarctic Supply Research Vessel 'Nuyina' for the Australian government’s Antarctic Division. The 'Nuyina' is being built at Damen Shipyards Galati and is due to be delivered in April 2020.

The rudder and steering system had to be fabricated to exceptionally high standards to cope with the ice that the vessel will encounter in the Southern Ocean. The rudders for the 'Nuyina' have been designed and engineered by project-lead Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding as free-hanging, full-spade rudders. These deliver optimum hydrodynamic properties but until now were unheard-of for an icebreaking vessel of this class, given the forces involved. 

To deliver all the necessary steering system components from the bridge to the rudder, including hydraulics, control and power systems, while meeting the unprecedent performance requirements, DMC pooled its expertise in this field with that of MacGregor Hatlapa (based in Uetersen near Hamburg).

Working to DMC’s specifications, MacGregor manufactured and supplied the steering gear assemblies and the hydraulic systems that power them based on a highly-customized version of its proven Poseidon series. DMC delivered the rudder system, neck and carrier bearing systems steering gear foundations, electrical system, and the primary steering control system.

Cooperation with Lloyds Register

To ensure that the required standards were established and achieved, DMC worked closely with Lloyds Register’s polar division throughout the process. The results of this cooperation include rudders that are by far the heaviest per square metre that DMC has ever built and rudder stocks with a diameter of over a 1000 mm. This together with the materials used made them very challenging to manufacture and install. 

While being only 160-metres in length, the stresses imposed on the hull and its components are equivalent to those found on a normal vessel of 300 metres or more. MacGregor – with an existing product that would deliver the necessary performance after some modifications and a head office just 20 minutes from the DMC engineering department in Hamburg – was the ideal partner.

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